The world we live in



 We have been surrounded by constant news about violence around the world, the way the news stretch out negativity allowing the ugly people to have their moment of spotlight does not contribute to a better world. What happens in Europe, Brazil, Turkey or any other place bothers me as much as what happens in US. Hate is not the norm but still will be present here and there.

I’ve been away for a week immersed in another culture and taking a break away with my family, having fun with my kids, yes loving them and having fun with them because I chose to do so. I come back recharged, with an open heart and analytical mind. I can identify other people’s negative forces trying to be strong in everyday life, selfish people in the work environment, people pressuring their way to see each other’s breaking point. Adults behaving like toddlers throwing tantrums. People demanding from other people what’s above human expectations.  I will not take part on their world.

Hate is horrible and it can only grow if we allow it to grow. Instead, let’s spread some light, love and promote some peace. Imagine if everyone had the desire to learn instead of judging? Imagine if people would be more open to meet different people and accept them?  Imagine if people in general did not expect the world to serve them but would offer to help and serve others? Let’s stay optimistic and enjoy a better life. Let’s continue to live one day at a time and during our life here help others to grow.

I choose to work in the light, nobody can change that.


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