Past and present


The bricks have witnessed a few centuries of history. Tall ceilings and double doors welcome you, your appetite and your curiosity. All is Portuguese in its background. History screams at you making sure you notice that this Latin country is an European offspring. The tiles were brought here by Portuguese ships hundreds of years ago. The arches above doors and its construction model talks about the past and the history that made Rio the first city in Brazil.

Then, as culture extends into food and language, you hear the sweet sound of the Portuguese language. The smell of the food  coming from the kitchen and arriving at your table as your main guest. People talk with their eyes, their hands and their body expressions. There’s a lot that can be understood without hearing what they are saying. The main guest also talks to you about what is local, what is natural, what is being rich without having a fat bank account. This picture will stay in your memory forever and you feel blessed by the energy.

Words on the board hanging on the wall are complicate to anyone who doesn’t read the language. The menu is a big list of “dare you to try” dishes that you never saw before. And no one needs to understand anything, all you need is the curiosity to explore. That’s the way life is meant to be lived, full of curiosity. Without curiosity there’s no energy to push us forward. Explore what you never thought you would see in the world. Have fun while exploring!



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