The creative process


Going through day-to-day with the goal of simply get things done is not my goal. While doing what needs to be done I take side roads to inspire and nurture my soul. Side roads bring me the energy and focus I need to be present at my work.

Using photography as my backup memory I register everything I do, things I see, food I make, places I visit, colors, shapes and textures. What may seem like an overwhelming process to some people, to me is just fun. I feel rich and satisfied when I can go to my memory bank and pull out all of those images that feed my work.

The emotion lived back then, the aroma of the food I prepared, the light, the temperature in the air, all comes back to life again. I throw them together and come out with something new. Sometimes that something is a piece of art work or an interior design project.

So now you know how my creative process works. Is it the perfect way to be inspired? It is for me. Can it work for you? Maybe, but you have to find your own creative process.



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