Patterns. To love them or not?

Some people can’t love them and they have told me right up front when discussing tiles for their home.

The artist in me loves them mainly because they entertain my eyes and mind. When something is very boring around me and for whatever reason I can’t scape the place, I focus on them. I fall into their world and sort them out in my head, get them organized in a list of what color comes first and in what percentage as well. I read and re-read them figuring out where they come from, culture, nationality, era, the symbolism behind it and so forth.

At night when I rest my head, they are like flash cards lighting up in all corners of my brain. They dance and dance till I fall asleep. Eventually they come out as paintings or a study of colors like the ones here.

The architect and designer in me uses tiles to bring some of that excitement to spaces, and knowing their significance in terms of shapes, colors and mood, I can add a lot of character to the interiors I project.

At the end of a project, all elements should come together as one. Cabinets, floor, granite, tiles, paint color, natural light in the space, door knobs, light fixtures, the surrounding furniture, and  all textures should be in harmony. NOT MATCHING!!! But in HARMONY.


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