Finger painting the landscape



Imagine your fingers are paint brushes loaded with amazing warm colors sliding on a canvas and adding strokes to the painting.

Imagine you can feel the thick creamy paint and you are bringing the image to life. Stroke after stroke you build an image of green fields, rough wood barn and cotton candy skies.

Dab, dab, dab those white fluffy clouds.


Just keep imagining you are this artist in an field of silence. The sun  warms up your shoulders and the air is fresh when it touches your face. Hold those clouds in your hands and  squeeze till they turn into nothing. Touch the dry yellow field with the tip of your fingers and feel them scratching your skin. Hold the trees… And let go…


Palms facing up collect some rain and spread all over the blue sky, mix the white and blue, don’t let this watercolor dry. Move your hand from left to right along the horizon line and define where Earth meets sky. With your two hands now squeeze again every little tree and let them grow back to normal.

Look at your hands and you will see all the colors dripping off. After half an hour you have already painted two or three landscapes. You have done your job as an artist for today!


(All pictures are from Toledo, Ohio – US)


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