Inspiration for a bathroom project

I always say inspiration for my work comes from trips I have taken and places I have visited, the more I see the world the richer my inspiration bank gets. I register images, colors, smells, sensations. When I plan a space my intention is to replicate the sensation I had when I saw what I saw on my trips. I want to bring a little piece of the world to my clients, I want them to be as excited with the idea as I am.

A few months ago I was asked to design not one but two bathrooms inspired by the sea. I brought two different ideas and the green sea foam idea won. The other idea was this one. This is a brownish color scheme that brings the shades of this sand where the river meets the ocean. The drift wood peaceful lays there bathing in sunshine and salty water.

Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, is where I saw this and it touched me deeply. I stared at this simple composition for a while, imagining how and where I could reproduce it. I think it’s just super fun how ideas come together from simple things in life and grow into something big and concrete as someone’s home.

I love my job.


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