Breakfast with the sunrise

There’s no rush to Sunday mornings, they feel relaxing and inspiring. I still wake up to the same hour as weekdays but with the intention of pausing, reading, sitting outdoors and enjoying the sun, the fresh air and many times a baked item.

The dog will follow. Not sure if she’s following me or the smell of chocolate chip cookies. This creature would sell her soul for some people food. She fits right into our family, we love our food and so does she.

Mornings like this assures me what I already know, the importance of natural light inside and around our home, how great it makes us feel. Contrasts of light and shadow play on the walls like a projected movie, moveable prints, temporary tattoos. In an hour or so it won’t be there anymore, not at the same spot. That’s also a reminder of the seasons. Light will change unstoppably everyday. A new setting with every season.

Summer is just starting here in Ohio. We never take it for granted, it could be a very hot sunny Summer or a rainy cool one. Whatever it will be, remember it’s a gift.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!


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