Simple pleasures

The simple pleasures of life are the best if not the greatest. Making magic in the kitchen, combining inanimate ingredients and giving them life in the shape of food, and in exchange getting life back. Combine this and that, mix here and there, spread it, shape it, cook it, bake it, decorate and appreciate.

There were times when I didn’t have all the ingredients I dreamt about, days when I checked my shelves and had half of what I needed. No question there were moments when I worried about how I’d get dinner on the table or thought with a little disappointment that my taste was richer than my budget. Those were the magical moments in my life when I was secretly proud of myself, when I became even more creative with my cooking. Running to the grocery was out of question and out of budget, instead I’d invent a new dish with whatever I had at home. And better yet, next day make a new one with the same ingredients. Present it differently. I knew that a meal’s best ingredient was love and that ingredient I had plenty!


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