Home versus far away places

When I was a child there was this series on TV that I watched all the time and even though it bothered me a lot I kept watching it every day in the hopes that the main character would find a solution for his problem.  I was young enough to believe that there would be a happy end sooner or later. The story was about this boy who traveled through time and worlds, he met a lot of amazing people and had some wonderfully crazy adventures. BUT every time he wanted to go home and was ready to travel back to his place of origin, this mean witch would show up and send him to yet another world. What disturbed me was not that he was about 12 years old and always travelling alone, what disturbed me was the fact that he could never return!  I wanted to be him, but I wanted to kill the witch first. Know what I mean? Are you following me?

My love and desire for travelling and meeting different cultures and people have not changed since I was a child and being able to have a place to call home is another pleasure I have after being gone for a while. The desire to be gone for longer and longer periods increases as I get older. The need for a large home decreases as I rapidly realized that “things” don’t bring happiness. Relationship with the world does.

I’m off to see the world and kill the witch!


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