Stressful Selfies

Trips are exploratory adventures where we register impressions and feelings through images called photography.

Museums are endless fount of inspiration and for this reason I have the NEED to register such inspiration to bring home and dream about them.

Except….When you are not allowed to photograph! (Mad face here) But to make things a little confusing, this museum in Rio allowed us to take pictures only as selfies. I can’t do selfies!!! I can’t frame my face and whatever else is behind, I just can’t! I blame my arms that are not 3 feet long. I blame the angle that makes me look deformed. And I blame the light that it’s not hitting the right place. So I HATE SELFIES!

Less than half hour into this challenge I was already stressed out with the task of “selfing” every artwork I wanted to register. So I cheated!!!! I pointed at whatever I wanted to photograph and pretending I was shooting me I shot the object ahead of me. And I think if they are stupid enough to demand backwards pictures they would be stupid enough to not to notice I was doing forward pictures. Everything worked!

Selfies suck! Nobody can stand between me and my camera! World here I come.


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