Some tips for the homeowners planning a remodel

A remodel or a new construction requires a lot of planning before anything can start happening at the construction site. You, as the homeowner, might have a great idea of what you want and need and you decide to go shopping! Here is when frustration happens as fast as a lighting bolt on your head. If you are not sure of your capabilities as a designer, planner, construction manager, etc  you would benefit from delegating the job to the the professional called “Designer”. But some homeowners don’t think they need help and here is what they do:

  1. Homeowners walk into a cabinet store and expect the cabinet designer to know their existing design conditions at home. They think the salesperson knows how big their house is, how much natural light the space has, how many members in the family, how they use their space. Here’s the truth: They don’t know you or your home! It takes a visit, an interview and some sensibility to understand the space and the family.
  2. Homeowners walk into a granite store and imagine that the people there will tell them which granite will go better with what cabinet finish. Or they expect the granite people to guide them on what type and color of backsplash to choose. Here’s the truth: They have never being at your house, they don’t know your taste and budget and they are already pretty busy doing what they know. This would be the equivalent of calling a doctor and asking for a prescription without the doctor have ever seen you.
  3. Homeowners walk into a tile shop and look at a 100 samples and don’t know where to start, when they finally pick something they realize that that tile is for walls only and not for floor, or they don’t know they will need a bullnose for such tile. Here’s the truth: The salesperson has never visited your bathroom or kitchen and has no idea what would make the space look its best. They sell tiles and can not draw a layout or floor plan for you either.
  4. Homeowners decide to hire their own contractors. They call every friend, neighbor and family member asking for referrals. They want all different contractors, plumber, electrician, tile installer, drywall guy, working in harmony on an unplanned schedule. Here’s the truth: It will not happen! You will be calling them trying to coordinate who’s coming next, and when one of them fails to show up you will be crying and screaming because things got out of control. Project will take months instead of weeks because there was no formal schedule presented to them.

So next time you want something done right from the beginning, hire a designer and allow her or him to lead you through the process of designing, shopping for finish materials and selecting the right professionals to execute the plan. Life doesn’t have to be complicated!


Simony Silva  –  Designs By Simony, LLC   –  You can find me on Facebook too.

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