Wandering mind

I wander around the kitchen with images of past dishes in my head. Anxious for that sunny day to take off followed by many other sunny days. Wishing this was a land of sunshine only, or wishing I lived in a land of sunshine forever. The sun light is the mother of all photography, the natural light allows beautiful composition, clean lines, clear colors. I long for the natural light invading my kitchen and dining room, it can’t come fast enough, my projects await.

I’m not sure if the desire is to cook, bake, paint a picture or write about food.  I’ve paused my interior design work to wander into other worlds. A world where I constantly see images of watercolor paintings.

And from wandering around the house, my body freezes and my soul scapes to far away places. I revisite other countries, I smell the aroma of foreign food, I taste fruits I can’t buy around here. I want to fly away…  And that leads me to other projects. Projects that already started in my mind and carry this little bird as a trademark of all things made by me. The bird says “I want you to fly away with me”. Yes come fly away with me because I can’t imagine you want to stay sitting here forever? I want to bring that desire to you and make your heart sing.

And while I wait for the sun to appear and I work on projects’ deadlines, I create a world of dozens of new projects in my mind. I create dishes, cards, tags, houseware. I even travel to foreign places in the small space that is my brain. It’s a restless mind but I know no other way. Just come fly away with me.

 Simony Silva  –  Designs By Simony, LLC   –   You can find me on Facebook too.



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