The dog walkers, the angel and the Latino


What is people watching if not attentive observation of what is under your microscope’s lenses?

The ladies with their tiny little dogs doing their promenade around 9 in the morning. Next to them their not so tiny husband dressed either in tennis or golf attire accompany their lady for a short walk. They are retired people who can do whatever they want out of their time. They can even stare at the contractors climbing roofs and leaders and be amazed at their balancing ability. They all have time.

Later the younger moms with their giant dogs and lycra fitted girlfriends jogging and chatting down the street after they have dropped off their kids at school. That short time between dropping off and picking up that you learn to stretch and do the most of it before you are uninterruptedly called MOM again.

The young contractor who commented that I smelled like heaven must be a fallen angel, otherwise how in the world would someone know how heaven smells like?  And the Latino contractor who made a not so delicate comment, in Spanish, not realizing I knew what he was talking about till I did a 180 degrees turn and responded to his comment. Oh if he could dig his own hole with his own hands in 5 seconds he’d have done.

And then the client… the lady who opened the door in her morning robe and invited us in and offered us coffee. We passed the offer but we could not evade the moment and kept watching her moving around with a tiny robe expecting it to open at any time.

People of this planet… Funny, is the least I can say.


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