French Country Style

The elements of French Country style: Terra cotta tiles on the floor. A mixture of different finishing for the cabinets and furniture, as if you had acquired them throughout the years or even throughout generations in the family. Oil rubbed bronze fixtures. High ceilings. European chandeliers. Pottery.

Here in America the French Country is one sweet, delicate, family oriented perceived style. It’s well composed and presents an air of already well lived in, even when it has just been installed in a home.

This is where you can show off your pottery collection, or dishes and antiques.


It’s the same place where your kids will be running around and having birthday parties with friends and family, or where that playdoh party will start at the table and will end on the floor but won’t damage or stain it because nothing can affect a terra cotta tile.


Refined and relaxed at the same time. Warm in colors. It will make you feel like cooking some comfort food and baking all day. Yes, it’s one of my favorites.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Livia Luzete says:

    I do love this kitchen!!!


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