Big question: What’s your style?

Do you like a certain style? Knows all the elements of that style? Don’t want to fall into the trap of kitsch? Nothing wrong with kitsch but if you are spending the money and time to work with a designer, relax and let them do their work.

Do you like country style? Farm houses? It doesn’t mean you need to bring a wagon wheel into your kitchen or paint the walls in barn red. Like modern? It doesn’t mean everything in the house needs to be black and white, or made of glass and metal. You got the idea, right? There are elements and symbols that translate ideas and styles without being childish.

If you go visit a French home on the countryside or an Tuscan home in Italy you will see they don’t have words like “Bon appetit”or “Buon Giorno”  plastered on the walls. I never set at nona’s kitchen watching her making gnocchi from scratch and saw a statue of a big rooster on the counter. So when you come to me and ask for a certain style I’m going to give you the real thing. When you ask me for a beach inspired bathroom, I’m not going to add little fish tiles or paint a giant seashell on the wall. I will bring the colors, the sensation, the textures and if I could I’d bring the scents. (I’m working on that!)

How do I know what the real thing is? Because I have experienced the world and I continue to do so. I have a baggage of knowledge that I want to share with you. We research, read, observe and dig for inspiration. It’s like magic, bringing to life something that didn’t exist!


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