The client with the chandelier

I arrived at their home and was led to the kitchen table. Pleasant couple. They were happy to meet with me, I was a referral from a builder and they now needed a designer to read their mind.

I put my notebook, IPad, phone and keys over the table and soon all of it was inspected by one of the house cats. Cats are the investigators while dogs are the attention seekers, as I have realised every time I enter a new house.

We talked about her dream kitchen and the need to expand it. We talked about every little thing  that bothered her in her present kitchen. From the location of the buttons for the stove, to why the fridge should not be facing east but west… And we talked about tiles and appliances and everything that goes between the floor and the ceiling.

She got up and went to the next room, called her husband to follow her. Cat now on top of the table is facing me, eye to eye, and I’m thinking he wants to pop one of my eyes with his claws. I move the keys to distract him and to buy me some time, he scratches my hand because he understands my plan! Home owners come back just in time before the cat eats me alive. They bring me a piece of antique and place it on the table.

“I want my kitchen to match this chandelier” she said.

No problem! I said. I took a mental note of all the antique pieces surrounding us and asked which ones were staying. Wrote down and went to work. That was one of the most exciting ways to start a job. How did she know I could put it all together? From finding antique tiles on websites to opening the space for a family to entertain. She had faith. I had the inspiration I needed.  And because of experiences like that (minus the cat) I love my job!

 Simony Silva  –  Designs By Simony, LLC  –  You can find me on Facebook too.


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