Love at first sight

And then there was Bonaire…..

What lies deeper in the human soul than memories, emotions and our history?  When you leave your body and float above this planet at the same time that you are feeling the sweet comforting sand between your toes, that’s what I call absolute joy.

Just returned from Bonaire a week ago and brought with me the memory of sun in every cell of my body. This island where the air is as salty as the water. Where the water is as warm as the air. Where you share the ocean with creatures that you have only seen on TV, on those nature programs, and you thought you would never live to see in person.

The emotion of being happy just because we are alive and still allowed to walk this planet. The emotion of sharing the experience with those you love and believing that by building memories together you are becoming immortal in their mind and heart. The emotion of knowing that we are one with nature. Even though we don’t know where our anima comes from, we know our body will go back to the same place as any creature that lived here.

And by building memories we build our own history. We make choices everyday of how we want to take the world, how we want to relate to family and friends. We create personal history and hopefully we inspire others to do their best at whatever they are here for. Each of us performing our duties and growing internally even if limited externally by any circumstances.

The only way to exit life, like a champion exits a marathon, is by loving and respecting people. Loving and respecting Earth.


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