Painting of an old building

It was my second or third year of college when my friend Ana Claudia gave me for my birthday an old book she had bought at the flea market. The book was about those 200 year old classic buildings on Avenida Rio Branco, downtown Rio de Janeiro. It had only line drawings of buildings that once existed. I’m not sure if some of those buildings still sit there, at that main avenue, watching the urban landscape as it changes and becomes an eclectic city.

I have started painting some of them and because this is a very time consuming project I’m only down to reproduction #2. I have no intention of making it realistic, all I wanted was to have fun and reinterpret each building with colors inspired by non related subjects, like the sky, or food or music.

I will never know their colors, as the book presents only black/white illustrations. I will never know how beautiful they were in person, but in my imagination they can be anything I want. This one I decided it had to have colors of ice-cream! It’s so strawberry and cream to me that it makes me smile. Food, art and architecture always make me smile!  It’s a square (not triangle) love affair. Since very young I have decided life and culture are too rich for us to pick only one thing to love. So there you go! Number two of a serious that I’m working on to make it grow.

What inspires you?


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