Confeitaria Colombo – Patisserie Colombo

Chocolate tart

Like an oasis in the hot desert, the patisserie Colombo downtown Rio is a refreshing place to be. A place where fresh baked goods is in abundance. A place where you can stop by for lunch, for an afternoon tea or coffee and even dinner.

Once you walk in you are greeted with greatness in style and designIMG_9788

Your eyes are busy capturing every detail. You have suddenly traveled back about 100 years ago, when classy style had all the genes from Europe. The shop opened in 1894 and has been an cultural icon to Rio’s history. Many important people have come here for an afternoon tea, like the queen of England!IMG_9789

Yes we had to have our picture taken so we could archive this moment and always remember to come back here.IMG_9790

The ceiling and its stained glass skylight…IMG_9791

Shelves and more shelves loaded with antique porcelain plates.IMG_9793

The waiters in uniform were as elegant as their surroundings. IMG_9796IMG_9797

The hardest thing here was choosing which pastry to try. Good food, great architecture… This was heaven to me!

IMG_9794 IMG_9787



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