Beach Style Decorating Ideas

Here comes the sun!
IMG_9002Summer recharges our souls with warm nights, sunshine on our shoulders, water, lots of water, kids running and playing outdoors, cookouts, cold drinks and that feeling of happiness from head to toe! If Summer feels so good, it would be only natural to want to prolongate that sensation! And how do we do it? By decorating our home inspired by the beach.

How to start?IMG_9234

  • Decorate with accents of vibrant colors.
  • Caribbean Blue is a good start!
  • Afraid of using it on a wall? Use it on accent pieces.


  • Bright orange will complement the blue palette. Use it as accent.
  • IMG_9140Warm wood furniture
  • Tropical flowers for prints and patterns.
  • Bring in nautical accessories.IMG_9131IMG_9132
  • Use your ocean treasures.
  •  IMG_9135A porch is a perfect place to try out some vibrant colors.IMG_9130
  • Light and bright. Let the sun in!
  • French or louvered doors bring a feel of beach cottage.
  • Use art on the walls to transport you to places.IMG_9134
  • If Color is not your thing and you prefer white, try to accent your room with navy blue. IMG_0002 Katrina+RugIMG_0143

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love it! Our deck and pool area, as well as one of our half-baths are decorated with shells, mermaids and seahorses. I have to work hard at not overdoing it.


    1. Simony says:

      Thank you Sandy for stoping by! I love anything related to beach too!


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