Beach house style

IMG_8712It was a rainy day…Soft rain kind of a day. Tropical warm rain.

We arrived at my cousin’s home and even though he wasn’t there yet we had the keys to the gate.  At the very first step inside I could notice the richness of finishing materials, the diversity of tiles and types of woods. My mental files started running very fast trying to compare what I was seeing to what I’ve been used to live with for the last 23 years in US. I’ve found out that I pay enormous attention to details, just from talking to people in general I realize I capture every detail in sight which is a blessing for my kind of work.   IMG_8728

An outdoor shower for my surfer cousin and his tribe of surfers.  Imagine yourself coming from the beach after hours of salty water, waves and sand and being able to just shower outdoors? The tiles stole my heart at first sight. Why pick one color or design if you can have them all?   IMG_8646The massive solid wood door made of some Brazilian wood that I can’t recall the name anymore, had those huge hinges and a modern look that already tells you before you enter the living room that this house will present itself with an easy elegance. Things here are made to last. Places tell history instead of disappearing in the fog of time.  IMG_8641Front porch is a combination of grill area and garage. Entertainment with optimized function. Storage for the surf boards, a hammock for lazy afternoon naps, shower, bench and table for late night parties with friends.  IMG_8729

The kitchen, ahhh the kitchen! So alive and organic! Wood crates for storage under the sink, colors and more colors everywhere. At this point my heart was beating fast with excitement like when you see the person you love. And I fell in love with this kitchen at first sight. Every tool had a purpose and it was well used. No place for collecting the unnecessary. No clutter. And the people who prepare the food are knowledgeable and laid back. They cooked all day long during that rainy day. There was no rush to go anywhere, life was unrolling slowly and happy like it’s meant to be. Yes, life is meant to be enjoyed for what it is.  IMG_8631Around the house there were memories from other worlds from travels to places far away. Every piece with its story, how they were traded for a pair of sunglasses or a shirt, because when money is short you learn to bargain. And those objects acquire meanings that can only be translated into good memories.

Colors and patterns were repetition of what you see and live outdoors.       IMG_8727First floor was living room, dining room, kitchen, full bathroom, service area on the back of the house, party area on the front of the house, storage area on the sides of the house designated for bikes and other sports gadgets.  Rugs were tile rugs made to be used by wet people. IMG_8695                                                                                                                                                                 IMG_8708 Going to the second floor there were two bedrooms and a full bathroom. Hallway with art work from friends who were guests once. I owe my cousin some sort of art work on the walls, but time was short and I will plan that for another visit.  Third floor was a huge loft with a guest bed, sitting area for getting together with friends in a more intimate atmosphere and also an open outdoor area for star gazing when you have the right company.

IMG_8699  Lunch was seafood and dinner was Feijoada, a typical Brazilian dish with beans and pork meat, salad and rice. The cooks? Two guys, a veterinarian and a deep sea diver!! Unbelievable the magic they can prepare in the kitchen. Happy soul, happy body, happy life.

Thank you guys!


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