What were your dreams 40 years ago?


Remember when you were eight years old and you had a list of dreams and plans ahead of you?

People would come and ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I wanted to be an astronaut to float in endless space and watch Earth from far away. I wanted that silence and only the voice of my thoughts. I wanted to work hard to be that smart astronaut. Then I fell in love with the idea of working with art and bringing to life what existed in my imagination. When people came back again some three years later and asked me what I wanted to be, I then had a different answer. And from them I got a list of reasons why instead of an artist I should be something “real”.

What happened since then? Why do we allow the storm to get us wet and cold? Was it the sound of familiar thunder pounding constantly in my artsy astronaut head telling me what I should love or not love that made me take a long path, get lost and come back to where I knew I belonged? Persistence has a price to pay before it can take freedom home. And when we get hold of freedom we sometimes let it slip away. Locked up again behind the bars of another storm I finally realized that what I love is what I have become and there’s no other way to live than with passion and holding on tight to what I love. I have to live my dream and be true to myself before another twenty or forty years come… That’s what I want to teach my kids.

Most of the time we need to let go of the voices outside our head and listen to our heart. And be kind to our kids when they share their dreams with us. It’s a privilege to be their audience. Our job is to guide while allowing them to follow their path.

What are you teaching the new generation?

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