In the hands of God

We were sitting on this passengers’  boat, bodies swinging softly from side to side. The brightens of the sun asked for sunglasses, and the taste of the ocean was already on my lips. Salty breeze, cool air, warm sun… With a one hour trip ahead of us, it was just the right amount of time to forget the continent, forget our worries and maybe even forget where we came from.

Approaching the island
There’s an incomparable feeling when you approach a place for the firs time without any expectations. It’s a sense of trust that everything will be alright, or even better than alright, this will be a great adventure. Heart beats fast, you can smell every scent in the air, all your senses are optimized to better capture the new world ahead of you. It’s trusting the universe and yourself, it’s living in full!


Ilha Grande is a “big island” off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, still an isolate place in the world where wild, virgin nature has not been spoiled by the modern world.


Fishermen are the local inhabitants. A couple of tourism agencies, small, simple but interesting and efficient, can guide you to scuba diving spots and all-day boat tours. Some taxi boats are available to take you on rides for beach hoping around the island. Here there’s no sense of urgency. Life is good, calm and simple. Time stands still.


No need for fancy shoes and clothes. Summer clothes, flip-flops, swimming suits, beach towels, and money to eat. The island offers several types of accommodations, from very cheap to not so cheap. From simple to elegant but all of them offer an amazing breakfast with tropical fruits, Brazilian coffee, cakes and breads, and a few surprises that you will have to try.


Bars and restaurants are by the beach, where you can linger all day long, while enjoying a 4 hour lunch. Between dips in the ocean, food and “caipirinhas”, you realize our planet is an amazing place to be. Here you can fall in love with yourself, with your kids, with nature and finally you can understand that the best place to be is in the hands of God.


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