Up since 3 am.


Up since 3 am

3:00 am… Toss and turn, and turn and turn…. What is it that ignites a thought when we are sleeping? Why can’t myself let Me sleep a little longer?
Went to bed with my daughter’s question in my head “Mom, when can we start packing?”

We are leaving to Brazil next week. While I’m trying to leave work behind, and leave it organized so I can have the luxurious privilege of not worrying about it while on vacation, it’s easier said than done.  My brain doesn’t work at 6:00 am, even worse at 3:00 am. I was staring at the watercolor paper and watching the watercolor crayons stare back at me… They said it was time to draw and paint because life is too short to spend sleeping. I agreed. The ink pen told me “Let me start something for you”. Crayons were rolling in anxiety, waiting for their turn, their colors so vibrant just got prettier with their dance all over my paper. Brush and water finally came along to blend everybody together and when they were done they said “Simony, now you go get some coffee, girl! You look like…”  Well, I shut the brush off on a piece of paper towel.

After the kids left to school I asked myself  “So when do we start packing? World be ready!! We are coming to see you!”


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