Where inspiration comes from


I’m not kidding when I say that inspiration for my work comes directly from the places I visit.  Some people may visit many counties and cultures and walk by all of that without bringing much information in their memory bank. I catch them all and store them in my camera and in my mind, I don’t know where or when they will come back to life but sooner or later they do.

On my visit to Cinque Terre, Italy, we walked through these ruins and as I pocked my head through those ancient window holes on the wall, I imagine the life that once existed there and the eyes of those who stared at the sea and dreamed of their dreams.

IMG_9782outdoor space 1

The sky, the sea, the birds and the boats… All beautiful views most of us dream about having.

Now when I’m working on this hot tub project for a client,  I suggested a wall of smooth grey rocks with some windows that allow natural light in. I imagine the orange sunset and its golden rays lighting up the kids faces as they play in the water. I imagine a couple sitting in the hot tub sipping wine and smiling at their luck.

I enjoy the idea that I can bring happiness to people’s life by creating something beautiful!


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