Treasure hunting


We had parked our car downtown Rio in a alley close to the flea market that happens under a busy highway. When I say under, I mean under, where the huge pillars are, where there’s shade and cement floor and hundreds of people shopping. Downtown is not busy on weekends with its closed offices and only museums and restaurants open.  We walked one block and reached this mile long flea market with every item you can dream about from almost every era. My mind was set on finding an antique church chandelier, my son wanted antique knives, daughter was open to whatever and ex-husband was “just looking”. Two hours later the one who was just looking was done looking, kids wanted to see more and I was determined to walk that extra block in the hopes to find my treasure. I’m so persistent that I think sometimes I may drive people crazy when I can’t just give up. And  I’m ok with it because I believe someday this quality of mine might come handy.  I asked “One more block please!” and moved forward. Suddenly there it was!! My heart skipped a beat  when I saw this little naked angel holding the most amazing chandelier while waiting for me. He said “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you for almost 80 years!”  Some music inside my head started playing very fast and I wanted to do a little dance but didn’t. At this point I didn’t even know if I was speaking Portuguese or English to the guy selling my chandelier. I paid and walked towards my family with that grin that we only get when we feel invincible.


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