Greek god lost in a tropical forest.


Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, was once a residence, at the foot of a mountain covered in tropical forest. Now a museum, a school of art and a cafe. During my college days we had outdoor drawing classes where we set and drew buildings, monuments and everything or anything around the city.  When my outdoor drawing class was over I decided to check the interior of the building. The rooms were amazingly majestic with 30′ high ceilings, gold paint and marble floors. The temperature inside was at least 30 degrees F lower than the 100F from outside. I moved in sliding my feet and breathing the cool air while my eyes were hypnotized but an abundance of beauty and I kept walking in and saying “BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!” without realizing I had walked into a class of live model drawing and this guy laying naked right in the middle of the room was staring at me. Yes he was a greek god and added to the beauty of the place, then I smiled and turned around and thought “Where else in the world can you find Zeus by accident?”


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